I encountered the error message "Products Not uploaded on Walmart Canada due to feed Error - REQUEST_THRESHOLD_VIOLATED.GMP_GATEWAY_API." How can I resolve this issue?

Article last modified on: Tue, 19 Sep 2023

The error message you're seeing indicates that Walmart Canada has a limit on the number of product feeds you can send in an hour. Specifically, only 10 feeds are allowed within a one-hour time frame. If you've exceeded this limit, you'll need to wait for an hour before you can upload more products. To resolve this issue, please follow these guidelines:

1. Check Your Upload Frequency: Ensure that you are not attempting to upload more than 10 product feeds within a single hour.

2. Wait for an Hour: If you've exceeded the 10-feed limit, you will need to wait for one hour before attempting to upload more products.

3. Manage Upload Timing: Consider scheduling your product uploads strategically to stay within the hourly limit imposed by Walmart Canada.

By adhering to these guidelines, you can avoid the REQUEST_THRESHOLD_VIOLATED.GMP_GATEWAY_API error and successfully upload your products to Walmart Canada.

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